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Your Farm…Your Space…Your Pace


    Harvest² designs, builds, and maintains Urban Farms for a variety of individuals and organizations. Our Partners are as special as the farms they own. We focus on Controlled Environment Growing, often referred to as vertical farming, hydroponic and aeroponic. Your space deserves to be optimized for maximum production and minimal resource consumption.

    The face of farming is changing, both literally and figuratively. We help organizations and communities bridge the seemingly insurmountable chasm from traditional to hyper-local food production.


Solutions we bring to the table:

· Food security

· Food safety

· Ultra-nutritious

· Superior flavor

· Environmental impact

· On-Demand variety

· Reduced waste

· Pride & satisfaction

· Community connectivity


    Further, your organization deserves the best in client care programming, and we are committed to seeing your farm yield more than just the best food you can grow. Your farm can either be self-maintained through our training program, or you can be a member partner with us for the best in longevity and current best growing practices. Either way, your comfort and success are our primary concerns.


    Do you need a comprehensive education curriculum for your school? Want a way to engage your residents, inmates, or student body with hands on activities that build their hope in the future? Want to leverage the power of small farms in the fullest widest and most fulfilling way possible?  We have what you need!


    Are you building communities, supporting entrepreneurs, providing jobs, or want to provide access to compelling flavors and food that engages all the senses? We need to be your partner on the journey to a higher level of appreciation, sustainability, and empowerment.

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