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                                     These Are the Brand New Good-Old Days


    Harvest² creates food production havens in individualized spaces to provide our clientele with instant access to hyper-local produce while inspiring the human spirit through engagement.


                     Igniting the Human Spirit Through On-Site Farming

    The face of farming is changing, both literally and figuratively. We help organizations and communities bridge the seemingly insurmountable chasm from traditional to hyper-local food production.


Solutions we bring to the table:

    · Food security

    · Food safety

    · Ultra-nutritious

    · Superior flavor

    · Environmental impact

    · On-Demand variety

    · Reduced waste

    · Pride & satisfaction

    · Community connectivity


Added benefits to using Harvest²:

    · Access to activity/curriculum programming (you lead the engagement, or we can)

    · Maintenance-free services available (we’ll take the disappointments out of growing)

    · Complete design and installation packages (be as hands on, or off, as you want)

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